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5 Clever promotional video ideas

Every brand works super hard to create a product or service that will not only revolutionize the market but also turn their company into the next big thing. It often happens that the product or service is ready, it is amazing, it has a competitive cost and it basically has everything to succeed but it just doesn’t stand out the way you plan to. What happened?

Many brands are still not aware that probably the most important step in creating a new product or service is promoting it correctly and to the right audience. If you have either a new brand, line or product you must launch it big time! And what better way to do it than with a promotional video?

It’s never enough said that videos has a higher reach, interaction and conversion rate than still images or plain text. Nowadays people want information faster and clearer, that’s why promotional videos are the perfect way to demonstrate the benefits of your product in the shortest amount of time possible. Check out these cool promotional video ideas and try them out for your brand.


How well does it work?

Some services or products are a little more complex to understand, maybe because they’re new or they do something that people are not familiar with. The best way to tackle this situation is to use a promotional video to demonstrate how the product/service works with a step by step tuturial. Why do you think infomercials were so popular back then? Just don’t make it run for 3 straight hours on a sunday morning and you’re good. 

Show ‘ordinary’ people

There’s no better way to make audiences realize the need they have for your product or service, or how they can benefit from it, than to make them relate to a certain situation. Promotional videos that show ‘ordinary’ people being interviewed or testing your product will instantly make people feel emotionally involved on some level.

Don’t miss the numbers

Does your product or service have a significant improvement comparing to its competitors? Do you have very strong numbers to prove this? Use them! Whenever you can demonstrate in numbers how your product or service is clearly the way to go, don’t miss out on the opportunity to include them in your promotional videos. People have a very short attention span but if you mention a couple of strong figures, trust us, they’ll keep that in mind.

Go for the laughs

When speaking of promotional videos, comedy is a foolproof way to catch someone’s attention, make them keep watching until the end and most of all, remember your product long after watching. It’s not that your product is funny as it is, but you can fit it on a humorous situation and we guarantee audiences will convince themselves easier that your brand is the way to go because of the cool image you’ll project.

Just like these ideas for promotional videos there are much more that can highlight your brand for all the right reasons. Which one do you think can work best for you?

Here at Yellow Lizard take the time to sit down with you and help plan the layout of the video if you are struggling yourself and prefer meeting face to face to really get a feel for the product or service you provide.