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Pros of Including Video Production in Your Marketing Strategy

You’ve probably heard a thing or two about the importance of including videos in your marketing strategy. It might be scary to try something new, but once the numbers and statistics start talking you will be convinced that it’s not only the best choice but the obvious one. Video production is not only a rising trend but the future, with it being the most sought content from users and audiences all over the world. Keep reading to find out the best reasons to give it a go.


Videos are more engaging


Let’s face it, the vast majority of people can’t avoid sneaking a peek when they see a screen nearby. Sure, bright colors and captivating images draw attention, but the truth is nothing beats moving images. That’s why videos are much more engaging than images, and you should be taking advantage of this for your marketing strategy.


According to consumer studies, audiences are 10 times more likely to engage with videos than any other type of content. If you think about it, the best inversion you can make is in a good video production that will keep your audiences and clients coming back.


Video production simplifies things


Maybe you don’t have the typical product, maybe the service you provide is a little hard to explain. Have you wondered if there’s a better way to do it that trying to cram it all into a summary? Fortunately, thanks to video production, there actually is a better way.


Throughout history, humans have been able to communicate firstly through visual elements. It’s proven that you can make your point showing rather than trying to explain yourself. Videos are comprehensive and much more digestible than just words, this is because every second of a video provides big amounts of information to your brain. Not only will audiences understand what you’re trying to communicate, but they’ll also remember it for a much longer time.


Videos are great social media content


Nowadays, a brand with no social media accounts is a brand with no face. The first reach an audience and potential customer has with your brand is probably through your social media. And since you already know that video production is much more engaging and easier to understand and absorb, why not use a great video as social media content?


Videos in social media can attract 1200% more attention and interactions than images and text together. This is simply because people will stop their scroll to watch a video. Numbers can’t lie, be the reason someone stopped scrolling and became engaged with your brand.


Video production is super popular


Why do you think TV commercials have been so successful ever since they were introduced as marketing strategies? It’s because nothing beats the sensorial, almost lifelike experience of seeing a product of service firsthand, working and showing you it’s benefits. It’s like a salesman right in your living room. And now, with the internet being the main source of information, entertainment and communication, audiences visit video channels and watch video content more than any cable network.


If you add 1+1 the answer is pretty clear. The popularity of video production for brands has hopped from the TV to the internet, making it almost a need for you to have high quality videos, not only on your website but sent straight to your potential clients’ screens.


These are just some of the many, many reasons you should be looking into video production. If you have the feeling your brand could use a twist and add more customers on the way, don’t think twice to hop on the video content trend. Get in touch today to find out more about how our specialist team here at Yellow Lizard Media can you bring your video content ideas to life.