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Step-By-Step: The Video Production Process

The video production process involves a number of different but crucial steps. If you’re a newcomer to making videos, it can all seem highly technical and difficult to understand – but really, it’s very simple.


Get up to speed with our step by step guide to the video production process.


  1. Defining your objectives. Just like any project, you begin by clarifying your goals and deciding what you want to achieve. In video production you will need to agree on several factors, including the message of your film and its intended audience.
  2. Agreeing on a concept. The concept of your video may sound rather philosophical, but in fact it’s a very practical thing. It’s a simple way of describing the fundamental idea behind the film. Think of it as your ‘elevator pitch’ for the video – its basic reason for being, boiled down to a single sentence. It could be anything from “Our CEO explains Product X” to “Local businesses get down to Justin Timberlake for charity!”
  3. Storyboard. This is where the concept gets expanded into a bare bones structure which will underlie your film. A storyboard is a highly valuable document used to plan the filming process and communicate ideas about the final product. It consists of a series of drawings to represent each shot, showing what they will contain, with text annotations where needed.
  4. Approval. This is the time to voice any doubts or concerns about the planned video. With the storyboard complete but filming not yet started, you can have a good idea of the content and structure of your finished video, and can make changes before the bulk of the video production process begins.
  5. Production. Now it’s time to set up the cameras, lights and sound equipment to begin filming your video! Filming all the shots for your video can be relatively simple if you’re only using a single location, or it can take longer if you have multiple scenes in different locations, using different actors or cast members. Ideally you will have a schedule in place so that everything is completed according to plan.
  6. Post production. The post production process is where the magic happens, taking all the raw footage that has been filmed and crafting it into a final edit. During this time, your video production company will edit the footage, add any soundtracks or overdubs and insert special effects if needed. They’ll show you the final cut and then make any last-minute edits requested by you. And that’s a wrap – your video is complete!
  7. Distribution. The final step in the video production process technically happens when the video is already made. Distribution is a crucial step because without it, nobody would see your video. Distribution can involve physical delivery to different locations, or (more commonly these days) publication online, on your website and sites like YouTube. And it’s vital in order for your video to go viral!


So, there you have it: a step by step guide to the video production process. Here at Yellow Lizard Media, we will be with you to offer technical support and guidance at every single step of the way. Contact us to find out more.