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Our Handy Video Production Checklist!

If you’re producing a video, there are countless decisions to make, points to remember and steps to tick off. So, get organised with a video production checklist! Below we have started you off with a simple list to help you create the perfect video.


Before you begin: defining your objectives


Before video production begins, the planning stage is an important time where you can thrash out what you’re looking to achieve, who your audience is, and what you want to get across.


Sit down with all the key players in your video production team, including all the decision makers (such as the managing director of your company, or the head of marketing). Make sure you are all on the same page regarding the main goals of the video. Use your meeting to define the following items on our pre-video production checklist:

  • The message of your video. What takeaways do you want people to get from watching your video? Will there be a call to action or are you simply looking to entertain or educate?
  • Its target audience. Are you looking to reach existing customers, or maybe attract new prospects? Are you focusing on appealing to a particular subgroup, such as teenage boys or women over 50? You will need to have a clear idea of your target audience in order to decide on the content of your video.
  • The concept. What’s the idea you are going to convey in your video? It could be anything from a price match promise to an insider’s view of your industry. Whatever the concept, it is integral to your project.
  • Length. Are you planning a 30-minute training video or a 30-second social media sensation? The length of your video will have implications for everything else, including…
  • Budget. Agree on the amount you want to spend, and do your best to stick to it.


Once all of these basic ideas are agreed, you are ready to move on to the next stage – creating a storyboard and beginning production.


Video production practicalities to consider


When producing your video, there are a number of practical issues that will need to be decided upon.


These include:


  • Location. Where will you film your video? Do you need special permission to film in your chosen location? What about parking? Do you need to book your slot?
  • Equipment. Will you rent your equipment or hire a video production company to take care of it? Do you have everything you need? What about lighting and sound?
  • Cast. Who will feature in your video? Are they available on your chosen dates? Do they have any special requests or requirements? Do they all need to be present at the same time?
  • Schedule. Vital for the smooth execution of your project, a video production checklist can help you to plan out what needs to happen and when.
  • Contingencies. Do you have a back-up plan in case of poor weather or sickness? Are you insured?
  • Approval and editing. Who needs to approve your video before it is finalised?
  • Distribution. How will you distribute your video once it has been made?


This is just a basic checklist to help you figure out what’s involved in your video production project. As you can see, making a video is a detailed process and one that professionals can help you with. So, why not hire a video production company to assist you? Here at Yellow Lizard Media we have oodles of experience in everything included on our video production checklist. Read more about our corporate video production services and find out more about how we can help you.