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Video Production for Small Businesses

As a small business, it’s important to promote your products and services, but sometimes with a limited budget, marketing spend can be hard to justify. However, in today’s hi-tech climate, video production for small businesses is one marketing tool that is now more affordable and accessible than ever. With benefits including more sales, greater visibility and better search engine results for your website, producing your own videos can also provide a great return on investment for a smaller marketing budget.


Introduce your business


If it’s difficult to describe exactly what your business does, how about showing people through the medium of video, rather than simply telling them? Creating a video that showcases your services will help potential customers get a feel for what you do, generating more enquiries and bringing more clients.


One really important ingredient of a corporate video is testimonials from satisfied clients. Far more compelling on video than simply written down, these are an effective way to build confidence in your brand and encourage potential customers to give you a try.


Capture flagship events


If you spend a lot of time and effort preparing for business events, video production can help you get the most out of your endeavours. Capturing training days, corporate talks or conference footage on video will help you to reap the benefits of these valuable, one-off events again and again. Broadcast them on your website and social media sites or sell DVDs as training resources to enable everyone to get the benefit of your flagship events.


Be seen by more people


Video production for small businesses can really get you seen by more people. Your corporate video can be shown on multiple platforms, from TV ads to corporate events. It can be shared on social media, embedded on other websites and of course, showcased on your own website, too. Having videos online will help people to find your site by improving your search engine results (Google loves video). And those who watch your video online will spend more time on your website and will be more likely to convert.


Be part of the future


Video marketing is increasingly becoming an essential way to do business. With video expected to account for as much as 80% of all consumer internet traffic by 2018, it’s important to get on board if you don’t want to be left behind. Whether you are a business to consumer or business to business operation, video production will get you seen by the decision makers that are key to the success of your company.


Where to begin


If you’d like to create a video to promote your small business but are unsure where to start, we can help. Check out our step by step guide to the video production process to understand more about how it all works, and get some tips on creating a good corporate video.


For expert video production for small businesses, you can rely on Yellow Lizard Media to take care of all your needsContact us today to discuss your video project and get ideas on how to get started.