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How Video Tutorials Will Change Your Business

Tutorials have a sole purpose, to inform and educate. And when it comes to video tutorials, they are created to tell people step by step what they should do and how to do it. You’ve seen the astonishing popularity of makeup, crafts and cooking tutorials in social media like YouTube. People like and want to be explained how to do certain things.


Video tutorials to train staff


This might be a surprising way of using video tutorials, but it’s actually more and more common in businesses to take advantage of the amazing opportunities videos can give and include them in corporate training. By creating an attractive video you ensure your staff will have better information retention and that directly translates into more efficient personnel.


Video tutorials used for training staff will also help you focus on the really important aspects to be taught, and leave the other things aside. Just remember, even videos can be too long, especially if the purpose of the video is to include precise instructions meant to be followed as they’re set. You wouldn’t make a 2-hour movie on safety rules and expect employees to remember everything, would you?


Show the functioning of your product


Just because your product is something tangible that can be seen and touched, doesn’t mean everyone will automatically understand the way it works. Video tutorials can be the perfect tool to connect with your audience in an emotional and intellectual way and demonstrate how is it that your product works, in which ways it can be used and even the benefits of having your product.


This type of videos can be crucial when approaching the customer in the consideration phase of the purchase funnel, this is your best shot at convincing them they should get your product, and they should be captivated by its characteristics.


Step by step of the service you provide


There are many services in the market dedicated to making people’s lives easier, yours is probably no exception. Yet something funny happens with services vs. products. People can decide faster to get a product by just looking at it, but the same thing doesn’t happen when it’s a service they will acquire.


Video tutorials are the perfect way to demonstrate something conceptual or abstract, with the use of either animation or live action tutorials you can help your audiences understand the ABC’s of your service and how it can help them achieve their purposes. Remember people like to be taught more than told, so take advantage of this with a video tutorial.


Assistance video tutorials


Just because someone already purchased your service/product doesn’t mean that your job is done. The best way to create client retention and brand loyalty is to provide the best post-sale service you can, and this of course includes many video tutorials. Remember people might and probably will have a lot of questions regarding your product/service even though the answers might seem quite obvious to you.


Be sure to be prepared for that and work on attractive and most of all easy to understand video tutorials. They can explain the step by step of how to use your service, or they can demonstrate the correct vs incorrect use of your product. When it comes to video tutorials, the purposes and possibilities are endless.


Snack sized bits of visual information can never be too much for your audience. Through video tutorials, make sure to reach your potential customers to let them know what they’re missing on, or connect and engage positively with your actual customers to let them know you’ll go above and beyond to make their experience the best they can have!


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