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Walk Through Tours – Perfect for Estate Agents & Property Rental Companies

Yellow Lizard Media regularly invest money into their equipment to ensure all of the end products are the best they can be. That is no exception when it comes to their DJI Ronin-M. This piece of equipment is a 3-axis stabilised handheld gimbal allowing Yellow Lizard Media to capture super smooth shots while moving allowing a professional, cinematic look while avoiding static tripod shots. Although the Ronin is used on almost all of Yellow Lizard Media’s projects whether it be to show a business’s workspace or product/service in action there has been one area where the equipment really shines!


It is ideal for estate agencies or property rental companies. The Ronin is used to showcase a house or flat the company have to sell or rent as the buyer or tenant can watch through a short video and can see the property in much closer detail rather than static shots or images. By having the video as a walk-through tour the buyer can look through the properties available and get a real feel for them before having to make multiple house visits.


Tony from Harpenden House reached out to Yellow Lizard Media to capture footage of his six luxury apartments that they rent out. Once Tony was showed the walk through tour capabilities he was sold on the idea and booked Yellow Lizard Media in and within days they were in to capture the required footage. The DJI Ronin allowed a super smooth walk through from walking through the front door, and along with regular slider shots they produced a promotional video for each room. Tony was very pleased with the end shots and now use the videos as a key way of enticing in potential tenants.


Tony had this to say about Yellow Lizard Media: