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What Makes a Good Corporate Video?

Corporate videos are a great way to reach out to your audience. Whether you want to demonstrate how well your products work or you’re looking to create a sequence that stays in people’s minds, video is a communication tool that can grab people’s attention like no other medium. But what makes a good corporate video?


Here we explain what separates the corporate big hitters from the video flops:


Attention-grabbing content


What makes a good corporate video stand out from the rest? Well, whatever the content, it needs to grab people’s attention, and fast. If browsing online, most adults have a short attention span and are easily distracted by myriad interruptions. So, you only have a matter of seconds to draw them in. Give them something compelling that will add value. Examples might include a ‘how to’ guide using your product, a funny film, or a video starring a celebrity or well-known figure in your field.


Good planning


The best corporate videos are well planned with a definite purpose. So, before you begin production you need to get a few things straight. Do you want to promote a product, create brand awareness, or use your video for something else? What style are you going for in your video and who is your audience – are you going to use humour to appeal to a wide range of people, or perhaps you’ll  aim your content at people with background knowledge of your field? Who will appear in your video? How will it be distributed? These are all important questions to answer before getting down to filming.


Sound and vision


Video is a highly visual medium, so a good corporate video will make the most of this. If you want everyone to know what your employees/products/services can do, don’t just tell them – show them, too! Try to incorporate memorable situations for your products, with visual representations to depict the message you’re trying to hammer home. So, if your fuel consumption is better than your competitors, you could try to show visually how much further your cars can travel on the same amount of petrol.


And if you have happy customers, don’t just talk about them – feature them speaking in their own words about how your company has changed their lives for the better.


Professional production values


Just as you’d dress smartly when meeting clients, you need to make a corporate video that is professional and well presented. As a shop window to your business, your video needs to have high production values to reflect your competence and reliability as a company. Choose a corporate video production company that has the skills and experience to showcase your business in the way it deserves.


Proper promotion


A good corporate video won’t have an effect if it isn’t promoted properly. Ensure that you have a marketing strategy to get your video seen in the right circles. Upload it to YouTube, promote it on social media and do your utmost to get it seen by your target audience. With the right backing, who knows, it may even be the next viral sensation.


We hope we’ve given you an insight into what makes a good corporate video. For a chat about your corporate video needs, please get in touch to see how we could help you.