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YouTube Optimisation Tips for Your Video Content

YouTube provides an invaluable platform for any individual or business looking to promote their products and services. Any business that can benefit from sharing their promotional videos should be uploading them to their own YouTube channel. That being said, YouTube optimisation can truly boost your profile, not only in terms of increasing traffic to your website, but also in terms of brand awareness, providing you with a cost-effective marketing and promotional tool.


With the guidelines around SEO frequently changing, make sure you’re up to date with what you need to do to ensure your YouTube channel is getting as many hits as possible with these top tips:


Keyword Research


Choosing the right keywords for your video and YouTube channel is vital for optimisation purposes. Research all the keywords your target audience are likely to use and add these to your content to ensure they find your video next time they search for your product or service.


Branding & Logo


Think about your channel in terms of your website and business brand. As much as possible, include quality images in YouTube Channel art.


Setting up your Channel and Profile Settings


It is important to get this right during the YouTube optimisation process:


A title should include your company name and the main keyword. For example, Hampden Garden Design & Maintenance | Vegetable Garden Tutorial


For your description, you should be thinking about keywords and search terms. Include links to your site and social media pages (website and social links can also be added to the channel art/banner). Make sure it’s focused and enticing. For example, Hampden Garden Design step-by-step video tutorials to help you design and maintain your vegetable garden.


Video Settings


  • Ensure your videos are engaging and relate to your business and website. Set one video to be the featured video of your channel, but choose carefully to ensure your featured video is clear, relevant and good quality. If you decide to hire a professional video production company, you can be guaranteed that the quality of your video will increase views.
  • Include your company name and keyword in the video title, plus 3-5 keywords and a website link in the video description. Remember, 160 characters are viewable in search results, so if your description needs to be longer, use headline text at the beginning. For example, Hampden Garden Design step-by-step vegetable garden tutorial – how to prepare your vegetable garden for winter.
  • Pick a high quality, relevant thumbnail for the video.
  • Use video tags based on keywords.




Once your video is uploaded you should take the time to ensure you’re promoting it as much as possible to increase engagement. Make sure you embed videos on your site, and link your blogs to your YouTube page. Increased traffic has a positive effect on video ranking. Allow comments & ratings too as this will also improve your rankings.


Customise playlists


YouTube allows users to create playlists of a collection of chosen videos. Creating a playlist of your videos means users can subscribe and be alerted when new content is added.


YouTube optimised videos will have a much greater chance of getting noticed and creating web traffic to your site, so it’s important you get it right. You can opt to have a professional video production company create your YouTube videos, benefiting from their expertise, saving you time and giving your promotional video the best chance of getting noticed by your target audience.


If you’ve spent time and money on creating a video to promote your business, it’s important to ensure it’s not just viewed, but also generating traffic to your website, raising your business profile and contributing to your brand awareness. Follow the YouTube optimisation guidelines above and you will be well on your way to creating a video that does just that.