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Restaurant Video Production


We have worked with a variety of clients running restaurants or in the cookery / chef industry, providing them with our food video production services.


Using our expertise and with multiple camera operators using cinematic 4k cameras and equipment, we can capture chefs preparing and cooking dishes. These productions can be used to increase traffic to your website, engage with your client base on social media platforms and therefore increase your following, and can be used as TV advertisements to showcase a brand or product to your target audience.


Our team have experience in a variety of working environments and are fully insured with public liability for your piece of mind. Using cinematic 4K cameras and equipment, we can plan, capture and create professional video content that you require. While we are happy to take on board client direction in the pre-production stage of the videos, we understand that some companies may know they need video content, but may not know how or what they should create or may just be too busy to plan the projects. This is where we are happy to come in and plan the entire project.


We have found using multiple camera operators while prepping and cooking food in a restaurant or a studio is key. This allows for one camera to be recording the presenter or a wide selection of ingredients, while a second camera can be capturing the finer details as a close up. Our cameras can produce stunning slow-motion to really capture the magic of creating the perfect dish.


Finally if you are struggling to find the right person for camera, we are happy to recommend any of our previous chefs or you can take a class with our professional presenter so you can look and sound your best on camera.


Why choose Yellow Lizard Media?


Our team have years of experience working in a broad range of environments and are dedicated to producing high quality video content time and time again. At Yellow Lizard Media, we pride ourselves on only using the very best technical equipment in order to produce a video you can be proud of.


Contact us


Get in touch with us on 01727 613464 to discuss your requirements and to receive a quote for our restaurant video production services.

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See what the clients say:

As a producer I need a reliable and dependable team. And these chaps deliver.
Great professionalism and abundance of creativity.
Will continue our long standing working partnership.
Monir Ali
Producer -  Little Big Ego
Yellow Lizard Media are very professional, friendly and they work fast, it was a pleasure to work with them. I highly recommend these guys.
Marika’s Kitchen

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