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Crowdfunding video production

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Video is THE best way to gain traction with your crowdfunding campaign, 80% of all kickstarter campaigns have a them! Don’t get left behind and make video the first thing a potential investor sees.

Crowdfunding on sites like kickstarter, Indigogo and GoFundMe is a fantastic way to raise money for your business, product or service.


Why use video on my crowdfunding campaign?


80% of all kickstarter campaigns have a video, this should speak for itself. No one wants to read pages of text about your project and what they will be investing their money in.

People want to see the passion and drive of the people behind the campaign, the only way to do this is with video.

You can add so much more to a video then just text, for example you can have testimonials of people who already know about the brand or project and just how good it is, giving people a reason to invest their money.


Is it expensive? What do we offer?


Video may not be as expensive as you think. Yellow Lizard Media are very competitive on price. Choosing us will guarantee great value for money and a video that you can be proud of and know that your crowdfunding campaign will have the edge. We use high quality cinematic cameras and top end video production equipment, ensuring your video looks and sounds as good as it possibly can.


Find out more and take the next step


If you’re looking for a crowdfunding video, let Yellow Lizard Media help. Check out some of our past projects and read our client testimonials to find out what we can do. Alternatively, call us on 07966 617183 or get in touch through our contact form to discuss your video and how we can help you. 

See this example:

The guys at Yellow Lizard Media are really fantastic. They are so easy to work with (both when filming and editing), come with great ideas and deliver high quality videos - I am so pleased with how my project turned out and will continue to work with them. I would highly recommend them to anyone I know! Great work guys, and thank you!
Olivia Cantillon
Owner -  Own The Look