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Promotional Video Production


If you want to keep up your profile, you need to keep marketing your wares in order to stay in the public eye. So, promotional videos for businesses are a great way to make the job just that little bit easier! Here at Yellow Lizard Media, we offer promotional video production in Hertfordshire and beyond! You can use your videos to showcase products and services and really make your mark.

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Why make a promotional video?


Promotional video production is a simple way for businesses of all sizes to raise their profile. Having video content that shows your brand in the best light helps to attract attention from your target audience and increase your sales. Promotional business videos are also a fantastic way to make the best use of any existing footage you may already have, and once they are made, they can be shared online again and again.


To summarise, promotional video production can:


  • Make more people aware of what you offer
  • Seal the deal with more sales
  • Re-use your video whenever you need it – online, at events, or in person at client meetings


 What should your promotional business video include?


That will depend on you! You’ll need to think about the type of promotional video you want to make. It could be a straight-up product demonstration, utilising the power of video to convey just how useful your latest gizmo really is. Or you could go for a humorous approach like this recent Justin Timberlake parody video – building brand awareness and fostering loyalty through entertainment and highly sharable content. Our blog on what makes a good corporate video might help to give you some ideas.


Ultimately, whatever you want to promote, and however you want to do it, our specialist team at Yellow Lizard Media can help.


Professional promo video production


Your promotional video is like a shop window to your business, so it is important for it to be professionally produced. That means that all the technical aspects like lighting, sound and editing need to be just so, but it should also have strong marketing nous behind it. The best promotional videos are on-brand without ever being dry or boring. It’s sometimes a difficult balance to strike, so our creative team here at Yellow Lizard Media are always on hand to offer ideas and advice.


What we offer at Yellow Lizard Media


By choosing Yellow Lizard Media as your promotional video production team, you’ll get great value for money and a video you can be proud of. We’ll help you to showcase your business and use our high quality cinematic cameras and video production equipment to make everything look and sound the best it can be. Our corporate video production service is all-inclusive, with the option to review the final edit and make unlimited changes for five days after it is delivered.


Check out our client testimonials and see for yourself!


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If you’re looking for promotional video production in Hertfordshire, let Yellow Lizard Media help. Check out some of our past projects and read our client testimonials to find out what we can do. Alternatively, call us on 01727 613464 or get in touch through our contact form to discuss your video and how we can help you. 

We used Yellow Lizard Media to film and produce customer education videos for our washing machine and dishwasher products. Throughout the whole production and editing process, the Yellow Lizard Media team were totally professional and dedicated to produce videos of the highest quality. Once we had the first videos prepared, we shared them with both our internal customer services personnel and also some of our key retail partners. The overwhelming response by all parties was “great quality and what a valuable asset to have in demonstrating the use of our products”. It is our intention to continue our relationship with Yellow Lizard Media and have further videos produced on the rest of our product range and it is without hesitation that I would readily recommend the services of Yellow Lizard Media to any company who required this type of video production.
Kevin Crossland
Service Operations Manager -  Beko
Yellow Lizard Media are an incredibly professional and affordable digital agency. We’ve worked together to create over 45 videos in 9 months. Their videos, photos, banners, twitter and Facebook campaigns have helped increase our monthly website sales by over 40,000% and driven huge awareness of my new inventions They work hard and get things done, give them a call
Tom Pellereau
Inventor and CEO -  AvenTOM Ltd
We contacted Yellow Media help us meet a client deadline for a promo video. They responded immediately and had a final edit ready the next day. Not only were they highly responsive the edit was totally ‘on brief ‘and we didn’t need to make any further changes . I’d highly recommend these guys!
Mark Davenport
Director -  Catalyst Global
Dear Yellow Lizard Media Team, We thought we would drop you a line to thank you for creating our videos. The promo video is superb, capturing the essence of our Brand and the launch party was also very well filmed capturing all aspects. You were helpful and attentive to detail and the end results were exactly what we were after. We look forward to working with you again soon.
Josh Kettle and Amir Darabi
Managing Directors -  ShakeTastic Ltd.
It was great to work with such an enthusiastic, professional and accomplished team. We set out our vision and aims and they took the time to listen, and understand our brief and what we were trying to achieve. They delivered! Yellow Lizard Media have produced some great footage, that captures what we are and what we do. We have already booked them to return in the spring and do some more filming for us.
Carole Goodchild and Darren Pattinson
Managing Director and Retail Manager -  Burston Garden Centre
We recently had a video made for our business Perfect Moment Florist by Yellow Lizard Media. They were very professional and we were extremely pleased with the outcome. They came a week before to discuss our requirements and we bounced ideas off each other. On the day of filming they were very discreet and didn’t get in the way of the running of the business. They filmed a variety of work and put together a great video showing the day in the life of a florist. We provided them with some text for the video and the rest was done by them. They made changes where we wanted until we were totally happy with the video. Our video is used on our website, Facebook, YouTube and one of our supplier’s websites too! We have had very positive feedback on our video and we hope to make another one to promote the Wedding supply side of our business. We would highly recommend Yellow Lizard Media.
Samantha Jackson
Director -  Perfect Moment Florist
Yellow Lizard Media were a very professional team from start to finish and delivered a great end result! The team were always friendly and polite to all staff and customers that were on site at the shoot. We won’t hesitate in using them again.
Gareth Evans
Thanks to Yellow Lizard Media for their hard work on our Promo Video. They listened to and understood every detail we asked for and delivered a video that surpassed our expectations. They were quick and efficient in delivering the promo to us turning it round very quickly without compromising on the quality. We would recommended Yellow Lizard Media and are about to use them again for our 2013/2014 Promo Shoot.
Billy Highton
Business Development Director -  EDSV
A big thank you to the Yellow Lizard Media team who produced the small promotional video for our new shop, it is exactly what we were after and has received a positive response.
Owner -  Essex Vape Ltd
I own a laser tag and mini tank driving business and most of my business is word of mouth, so I was looking for a media company to shoot the promotional video for my website. Yellow Lizard Media were recommended to me and from the very start they were professional, helpful and offered sound advice throughout the process. I had a few ideas of how I wanted the video to look, but as the experts, I gave the guys the opportunity to use their creative skills. I was very pleased with the ideas that they came up with and the finished product is brilliant. They were quick to make any changes that I requested and the video was completed much quicker than I expected. I would have no hesitation in using Yellow Lizard Media again or recommending them to others. It was a pleasure to work with them.
Brenton Amedee
I recently worked with Yellow Lizard Media when they produced a promotional video for a concert of ours. The crew were extremely generous with their time and receptive to our ideas, and we were very pleased with the video they produced for us.
Benjamin Goodson
Lea Singers Conductor -