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Video Production for Training


There are lots of different ways to inform, instruct and educate, from printed instruction manuals to face-to-face tuition. And then there’s video! While all training methods have their place, training videos have many advantages over both the written word and the one-to-one approach. At Yellow Lizard Media, we’ll show you how video production for training is a fantastic way to bring your subject to life, whilst managing your resources efficiently.


We’ve been producing training and educational videos for clients throughout St Albans and Hertfordshire for years. Check out this Beko dishwasher user video as an example.

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Types of training video


Video production for training purposes can take many forms, and the type which you require will depend on you and your business. You may want to produce corporate training videos for internal staff, or perhaps you’re looking into making product explainer videos to help your customers get the best use out of your products.


The options include:


  • Business training videos  These are ideal for training a large number of staff across different locations. The content will stay the same wherever and whenever the video is watched, so you can be sure of a consistent message every time. And once your training video has been produced, it’s much cheaper than organising tutors and getting everyone to turn up on a particular day. Depending on your needs, you can create a one-off film or develop a whole series of episodes. Business training videos can be a great way to welcome a new employee to the company or to demonstrate in-house software using screencast videos that show your staff exactly where to click and when.
  • Educational video production  Whether you are a company specialising in education, or you want to educate staff on issues like health and safety, educational videos are a rich resource to help individuals on their learning journey. You can use them as an add-on resource to complement textbooks or manuals, or issue them as a standalone video lecture. You can also use animation or interactive elements to help learners to achieve their potential.
  • Product explainer video production  Product explainer videos show consumers what your products can do. They can demonstrate clearly how the product should be used, and can be a great resource for troubleshooting problems. They are an invaluable way to raise brand awareness, as well as helping to cut down on the volume of customer enquiries and engineer visits when people encounter problems.


Cut costs and spread your message


By choosing video production for training purposes, whether you’re targeting colleagues or customers, you’ll benefit from a number of positive advantages:


  • Permanently available from anywhere. Give your staff a training resource that they can refer to time and time again. So much better than those unreadable, scrawled notes from a one-off PowerPoint presentation!
  • Cost saving. By producing videos that inform and educate, you’ll save costs. Not by fobbing people off or hiding behind an automated resource, but by giving people what they need in the quickest and easiest format – for all parties. (We’re sure your customers will appreciate being able to solve their issues instantly rather than listening to hold music or waiting in for an engineer).
  • Easy to update. Things change, and from time to time you may need to alter the content of your training videos. If it’s just a small update, it won’t be difficult or expensive to do.


How Yellow Lizard Media can help you


Here at Yellow Lizard Media, we specialise in corporate training video production. We’ll show you how to get the best from your video production and offer input and ideas every step of the way. We pride ourselves on using only the very best technical equipment to ensure that your video is produced to the highest professional standards.


Have a look at our client testimonials to find out more about our video production services!


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If you are interested in video production for training staff or customers, don’t hesitate to contact us on 01727 613464 to discuss your needs.

We used Yellow Lizard Media to film and produce customer education videos for our washing machine and dishwasher products. Throughout the whole production and editing process, the Yellow Lizard Media team were totally professional and dedicated to produce videos of the highest quality. Once we had the first videos prepared, we shared them with both our internal customer services personnel and also some of our key retail partners. The overwhelming response by all parties was “great quality and what a valuable asset to have in demonstrating the use of our products”. It is our intention to continue our relationship with Yellow Lizard Media and have further videos produced on the rest of our product range and it is without hesitation that I would readily recommend the services of Yellow Lizard Media to any company who required this type of video production.
Kevin Crossland
Service Operations Manager -  Beko
Yellow Lizard Media are an incredibly professional and affordable digital agency. We’ve worked together to create over 45 videos in 9 months. Their videos, photos, banners, twitter and Facebook campaigns have helped increase our monthly website sales by over 40,000% and driven huge awareness of my new inventions They work hard and get things done, give them a call
Tom Pellereau
Inventor and CEO -  AvenTOM Ltd
Yellow Lizard Media are very professional, friendly and they work fast, it was a pleasure to work with them. I highly recommend these guys.
Marika’s Kitchen