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We have worked on a variety of property and estate agent related video productions. Whether that is promotional videos for websites and social media platforms, walk-through tours to sell or rent out a property or video testimonials and hints and tips to increase social media following.


Using cinematic 4K cameras and equipment we can plan, capture and create professional video content that you require. While we are happy to take on board client direction in the pre-production stage of the videos we understand that some companies may know they need video content but may not know how or what they should create or may just be too busy to plan the projects. This is where we are happy to come in and plan the entire project.


Walk-through tours are great to showcase a property in far more detail than photography. The viewer well get a real feel for the location and the size of the property. We use our electronic stabiliser to balance our 4K cameras and allow them to glide through the property, we will regularly break the video up of b-roll footage to highlight different elements of the property. These can then be edited together with animated text or voiceover to complete the productions.


Video is a must for your social media platforms are we have the experience and equipment to produce this content for your property and estate agency. We have a cinematic interview setup with LED lighting and professional audio which is a must to get you looking great on camera. We also work with a professional presenter who can get you looking professional. When you put all of this together you end up with professional hints and tips, promotional and client testimonial videos to showcase on your social media platforms and get potential clients engaging and sharing your content.

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